In MP Miles’ electrifying thriller, an African spy and a youth who hides secrets retrace the author’s steps in a pulse-pounding pursuit through Africa. See Press Releases below:

Press Release April 2019     Spy Thriller


Easter Farm new thriller by MP Miles

Easter Farm is a romantic thriller set in Portugal in 1996 with characters taken from Shelter Rock, the story of a boy’s journey through Africa.

Apartheid has ended, and Angel Rots is progressing his professional career by fighting corruption in arms procurement – in this case mothballed Israeli jets sold as new to the highest bidder in a deal brokered by his nemesis the one-armed Nels.

Ralph Phillips, now farming in Portugal and falling in love, comes to Angel’s attention after tipping off customs about a suspected drugs haul. With smuggling gangs threatening Ralph’s vegetable growing business, and his new girl, Angel once more must personally intervene to protect the English boy.

On the plains of the Alentejo, Angel’s professional and personal worlds spectacularly collide.


Press Release April 2019     Spy Thriller


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A nice article has recently been published in the US. ‘The African’ magazine is the premier and longest established magazine for Africa-US relations in politics, business, and culture. Read the full article here The African

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Great review by The Fine Times Recorder. The Fine Times Recorder is a UK weekly publication covering what’s on offer in theatres, music, film, dance and the literary and visual arts scenes.

Press Release     Spy Thriller


Shelter Rock Audio Book by MP Miles read by Sebastian Abineri

The audiobook version of Shelter Rock is now in its final production stage for release alongside the printed book and e-book formats.

Luckily, actor Sebastian Abineri was able to complete recording before other stage commitments as his authoritative voice ideally suits the thriller genre.

Sebastian Abineri reads Shelter Rock Audio Book

Sebastian is known for movie success in Sherlock Holmes and A Bridge Too Far, along with roles in TV series including ‘Joey the Wig’ in East Enders, The Bill, Casualty, Coronation Street, and Secret Army.

Press Release     Spy Thriller


Like most authors, MP Miles was advised to write from what he knew. Having worked irregularly with British Intelligence for years and having walked home alone as a teenager from South Africa to the UK, even being rescued at gunpoint by a man who reappeared later in Miles’ life under a different name, it’s clear that what MP Miles knows is suited only to create the heart-stopping espionage adventure that is Shelter Rock. South Africa is under attack from all sides when Elanza, a politically connected heiress blinded by disease and looking for love, meets naïve English Ralph who realises he’s stumbled upon South Africa’s biggest secret. When Ralph disappears into the depths of Africa to walk home overland, a Swazi spy, the only black African agent working for the apartheid era National Intelligence Service, comes into both of their lives. Angel Rots is uniquely qualified for his official mission to find Ralph and a private mission to settle an old score, but in a pursuit from Cape Town to Cairo, Ralph is always one step ahead and Angel starts to ask questions. Why is this kid so important? What has he found? Looking for answers, Angel discovers a secret that challenges his own loyalties – and could change the course of history. MP Miles says: “The journey through Africa as taken by the boy Ralph is exactly the route taken by me in 1981. Like Ralph, I met people that helped me – along with poachers, drugged soldiers, and thieving nuns. Many younger people I meet today through the course of my work as a yacht captain seem surprised that there was a time, very recently, when a teenager could disappear alone into Africa without an iPhone, google, Instagram and TripAdvisor, and still survive.” He continues: “I also felt on hearing rhetoric from both North Korea and the US that sounded very much like cold-war nuclear brinkmanship that we have been here before, and that there were parallels and similarities between South Africa’s nuclear ambitions in the 80s and early 90s leading up to the end of apartheid and North Korea’s position today.”
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