Shelter Rock

Angel’s only hope of finding Ralph was a contact he’d made at university and had carefully nurtured since then. David Mwansa, a nephew of the paramount Chieftain of the Bemba people, shared his time between being head of his clan, a director of Grindlays Bank, and an untitled position at the Zambian Security Intelligence Service.
Mulishani, David.”
“Angel, what a surprise. The devil himself.”
“That’s very funny.”
“To what do I owe the pleasure of this call?”
“I’m looking for someone in Zambia,” Angel said. “Nothing political. Just an Englishman; well, an English boy actually. He’s lost.”
“He’s lost, or you’ve lost him?” asked David.
“Both,” said Angel.
David was suddenly interested.
“A white English boy?”
“Most of them are,” said Angel.
“What’s so important about him?”
Angel would have liked somebody to give him an answer to that same question.
“Nothing important,” he lied. “We’re doing a favour for someone, a political someone.”
“You just said it was nothing political.”
“You know how it is, David. We serve and don’t ask the reason why. He crossed into Zimbabwe at Beitbridge on foot just over a month ago.”
“He’s walking?”
“I believe so.”
“Extraordinary. Is he still alive?” asked David.


Release date: 28 February 2019

ISBN: 9781789016390